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CPTPP signed by eleven Asis Pacific countries
CPTPP signed by eleven Asia Pacific countries
Fancy a rise across Norway's underwater floating tunnel
Fancy a ride across Norway’s underwater floating tunnel?
Microsoft supports Asia's renewable energy industry
Microsoft supports Asia’s renewable energy industry
As Sri Lanka's population ages, the insurance market booms
As Sri Lanka’s population ages, the insurance market booms
Africa's aviation sector opens up
Africa’s aviation sector opens up
Amazon enters the healthcare sector

Amazon enters the healthcare sector

Amazon is eying the healthcare sector. It has rolled out a line of private label, over-the-counter medicines along with medical supplies for hospitals, doctors and dentists.

Whether it is selling prescription or generic drugs, Amazon seems poised to disrupt the healthcare industry.

However, Amazon faces its own share of hurdles. It will need licenses from each state to be able to sell medical supplies. Medical practitioners may prefer to stay loyal existing sales channels. Waiting 24 to 48 hours for a pain or cold medicine means that customers may still run to the nearest pharmacy.

Will Amazon disrupt the healthcare industry?

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