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Spire Singapore conducts pro-bono study on corporate giving


+ Official report on NVPC corporate website

4 June 2014

Do corporations and not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) have different objectives when engaging in corporate giving? According to a pro-bono study conducted by Spire Research and Consulting – in support of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) – there is some degree of misalignment in expectations between corporations and NPOs in Singapore.

According to the Spire study, corporations and NPOs had different objectives when it came to corporate giving. It was found that the NPOs preferred cash donations, whereas corporations preferred to contribute in terms of employee volunteering. Moreover, corporates preferred to give for specific programs that directly aided beneficiaries whereas NPOs preferred to receive non-specific donations that could also be used to fund overheads.

At the same time, there was a need for improvement in the existing communication platforms linking NPOs and corporations. Most of the time, corporations and NPOs got connected through referrals and personal contacts. The process would benefit from a common platform where both corporations and NPOs could communicate and engage with each other effectively.

The way corporate giving programs were structured varied across corporations. In some corporations, the corporate giving role was defined within an existing function such as Corporate Communications or HR, whereas other corporations had created a dedicated CSR function. Many corporations had adopted employee volunteering committees run by employees enthusiastic about volunteering; further instilling a philanthropic and volunteerism culture within the corporations. The study revealed that such committees made a valuable contribution to the success and effectiveness of corporate giving programs.

The Spire study identified that expectation gaps were caused by corporations’ failure to identify partners who shared the same objectives in corporate giving. The current communication channels did not enable potential partners to understand one another well enough until the planning for an activity was fairly advanced. Hence, a common platform which allowed corporations and NPOs to clearly define their expectations and needs for corporate giving would be of great benefit.

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