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Market study on solar and wind equipment manufacturing in major Asian countries


+ Official report on JETRO corporate website

15 August 2012

Spire Research and Consulting was appointed by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to define the market opportunities for Japanese companies in the solar and wind energy equipment manufacturing industry. The study was carried out in major Asian countries, including China, India, Malaysia and South Korea. JETRO published the results on their corporate website to aid the efforts of Japanese firms in exporting to Asian countries in these product categories. 

A great emphasis has been placed on clean energy in recent years, leading to thriving growth in the solar and wind energy industry in developed countries, such as the United States, Europe and Japan. Emerging markets such as China and India have become critical in supporting this booming industry, as they face environmental, balance of payments and energy-security pressures.

As such, JETRO – the Japanese trade promotion agency – appointed Spire to identify and detail potential business opportunities in the solar and wind energy industry for Japanese companies. Spire addressed areas such as industry overview, regulatory framework, market environment and value chain analysis, so as to evaluate Asian emerging economies as potential export markets as well as manufacturing bases. It also highlighted local companies’ profiles, power-related policy information and market entry techniques.

Observations made in the market study included the following:

China and India

Spire provided an analysis of current market conditions and forecasted future growth to unveil potential business opportunities in each of the top two consuming countries.


Spire offered an assessment of the country’s suitability as a manufacturing base for solar energy equipment.

South Korea

Spire provided detailed information on national wind energy development plans, and wind turbine/equipment components qualifying for tax exemptions.

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