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Boosting Entrepreneurship and SME sustainability in Indonesia


+ Official report on Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring corporate website

5 June 2014

Spire Indonesia was privileged to work with Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring (GEM) to support the fieldwork project for the Centre of Excellence for SME Development (CoE SMED) and the Institute for Research and Community Service – Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR). In a bid to understand Indonesians’ perception of entrepreneurship, the Adult Population Survey (APS) was conducted on 4,500 adults aged 18 to 64 in urban and rural areas in 16 provinces; covering 80% of the Indonesian population.

The APS study was designed to gather insights on three fronts:

Perceived opportunity

This referred to public perceptions of entrepreneurial opportunities: whether they saw good opportunities to start a firm in the area they lived in. The perceived opportunity among the target audience was quite high (47%).

Perceived capability

This referred to their belief in having the required skills, knowledge, and experience to start a new business. Results showed a high perceived capability to start a new business (62%) amongst the surveyed population.

Fear of failure

This aspect was only applicable to those who indicated that fear of failure would prevent them from setting up a business. The rate of fear of failure was 35%, similar to the average rate in efficiency-driven economies.

The survey also tested the statements “Successful entrepreneurs receive high status”, and “You will often see stories in the public media about successful new businesses”. Both statements obtained higher-than-average concurrence from survey respondents – 80% for the statement about status (the average for efficiency-driven economies was at 64%) and 75% for the statement about the media (the average for efficiency-driven economies was at 61.4%).

35% of Indonesian survey respondents who had yet to embark on any stage of entrepreneurial activity intended to start a business within three years – a figure higher than that in Malaysia (12%) and Thailand (18.5%).

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