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2 October 2017
The Business Times – Views from the Top

What’s needed for Singapore to defend its electronics manufacturing hub status

How can Singapore defend its electronics manufacturing hub position in the face of stiff regional and global competition? Leon Perera, CEO of Spire Research and Consulting shared his thoughts in The Business Times – Views from the Top section on 2 October 2017 on Singapore’s evolving role in the global electronics sector.

To thrive in the global electronics supply chain, Singapore should focus on raising its game in terms of engineering, data science, cultural studies and professional services.

Perera opined that Singapore needs constant innovation in terms of production and design, so as to meet the needs of producing complex electronics devices with short product life cycles. Today’s electronics products contain a large element of embedded services and software, which are prone to frequent upgrades.

Singapore should work on creating a conducive environment for enterprises to recruit inter-disciplinary teams that can launch breakthrough electronics products. Such teams need to integrate disparate skill sets relating to market research, data analytics, engineering, cultural studies and design.

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