The Philippines blazing a trail with agri-tourism

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November 2013
Asia Research Journal 2013

The Philippines blazing a trail with agri-tourism

Agri-tourism is an up-and-coming sector for the Philippine economy. Can the Philippines blaze a trail for the region in this fast-growing industry? Spire Research and Consulting shared its prognosis in the Asia Research Journal’s November 2013 edition.

Agri-tourism refers to agriculturally-based activities that allow tourists to visit farms or other natural sites, so as to experience farm life, enjoy the outdoors, lodge or shop. The Philippines is well-positioned for agri-tourism. The country offers 32 of such sites for visitors to choose from; providing a unique experience away from the hectic urban life.

As a tropical country, the Philippines is richly endowed with world-class bio-diversity as well as a rich cultural heritage. The government has increased investment in this sector by 13.6%. One huge advantage for the tourism industry is that English is one of the country’s official languages.

The Philippine tourism industry drew an estimated 5.5 million international visitors in 2013. It is projected to create or safeguard 14.6 million new jobs and create up to 11,000 new hotel rooms by 2016. With the recent tragedy of Typhoon Haiyan, hopes are resting on the country’s infrastructure being repaired and enhanced quickly to leverage the benefits of tourism.

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