Teachers: Gratitude is rated higher than money

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Teachers: Gratitude is rated higher than money

In collaboration with global education service provider Pearson, Spire Research and Consulting conducted a study of 3,262 teachers in India from schools and higher education institutes in 223 Tier I, II and III cities across 25 states. It was found that teachers at school level value gratitude from students more, as compared to teachers in higher education institutions.

The Pearson-Spire study revealed that nearly three out of four teachers in India ranked gratitude from students as the best form of recognition – topping factors such as monetary gain (60 percent) or recognition from employers (62 percent). Nearly 72 percent of them gained a sense of satisfaction when students thanked them for their success.

However, 61 percent of teachers felt that the gratitude shown to teachers over the past decade has declined. The teachers in states of North India, in particular, perceive the most dip in overt gratitude, especially at the higher education level.

Other challenges that the teachers perceive include a decline in student interest, low pay and recognition as well as inadequate training opportunities. They also felt that their students were becoming less reliant on them – a finding that potentially points to the growing importance of online education as an alternate to in-class teaching.

It remains to be seen whether the level of engagement that Indian students have with their teachers can be sustained.

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