Still room to grow for Singapore companies hiring Persons with Disabilities

+ Official Press Release by Spire Research and Consulting on “Are Singapore companies ready to hire people with disabilities?”

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Channel NewsAsia – Business (16 May 2014)
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Still room to grow for Singapore companies hiring Persons with Disabilities

Creating a more supportive environment for persons with disabilities (PWDs) was one of the key thrusts in Singapore’s Budget for 2014. Spire took a closer look at the issue of the employability of PWDs, embarking on a pro-bono study – telephonic interviews with 100 companies listed on the Singapore Exchange – to explore Singapore employers’ practices when it comes to hiring PWDs.

The Spire study found that 20% of the surveyed companies expressed willingness to hire PWDs, but 18% would like to explore how they can do better on this front.

In addition, 96% revealed that there were no concrete initiatives and policies in place to actively hire and integrate PWDs. This suggests that awareness and best practice knowledge was an inhibitor. As for the remaining 4%, they provided training to all employees, regardless of physical or mental disabilities, in the belief that this would ensure fair career progression and personal development opportunities for all.

The survey respondents also shared that they would generally employ PWDs for administrative and clerical positions. In some cases, they may consider hiring them for technical, executive or managerial positions, should they possess the required knowledge and skill sets.

Interestingly, the Spire study showed that there was relatively little knowledge of the Open Door Fund (7%), an initiative which supports employers financially in redesigning jobs, modifying workplaces and training PWD employees. However, 18% of them expressed interest in finding out more about the fund. This suggests an increasing number of companies being open to integrating PWDs into their workforce and plenty of room to grow in raising the share of PWD-friendly employers.

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