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Rise in Indonesia’s mobile phone market

7 February 2014
MNC Business Channel – Economic Buzz

Rise in Indonesia’s mobile phone market

Indonesia’s mobile phone market is poised for growth. With the advent of smartphones and 4G Technology, how will service operators continue to lure customers? Aditya Teja, Senior Manager, Client Service (Telecommunication) of Spire Research and Consulting, shared his insights on MNC Business Channel – Economic Buzz.

Indonesia’s mobile phone market holds immense potential with approximately 310 million subscribers recorded in 2013. There are a total of 10 service operators in Indonesia at present; with Telkomsel leading the way, followed by Indosat and XL Axiata.

At present, the market is segmented by varying consumer concerns on benefits and bonuses, rather than price wars. With the advent of 4G Technology, service operators foresee faster and improved quality connections to come; with voice, SMS and data remaining as the main sources of revenue.

On the other hand, the telecommunication industry also lends support to other industries such as banking, multimedia and health sectors. For instance, more banks are providing e-banking services so that customers can gain access to banking platforms anytime, anywhere. Many multimedia industry players are also offering on-the-go multimedia services, such as live TV broadcast streaming as well as video on demand.

Aditya concluded that with the rise of subscribers, it is evident that Indonesia’s mobile phone market is set for further growth. Besides, the rise in cloud-based applications which offer customers remote access is also catching on. Moving forward, service operators will continue to provide bundling packages with devices to draw more customers who are constantly looking for quality and innovative services.

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