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Power Banks for Smartphones taking off in Indonesia

11 April 2013
Marketing Magazine Indonesia

Power Banks for Smartphones taking off in Indonesia

Crowds were seen flocking to Jakarta’s Mega Bazaar Computer 2013 event earlier this March. An emerging trend at the event was the increasing need for power banks (portable chargers) to prolong the smartphones’ battery life.

To further entice the crowd for power banks, PT. Dyandra Promosindo, a subsidiary of PT Dyandra Media International Tbk., has started a promotional program, “Best Offer Power Bank”, offering 100 power banks at only Rp. 49,000, exclusively for the first 100 visitors each day. This tactic drew many enthusiasts.

Consumers are demonstrating a greater need for additional battery life beyond what smartphone batteries typically offer. The more sophisticated and faster processor, brighter screen and unstable 3G internet connection in Indonesia require more power, resulting in faster battery drain.

This weakness spells opportunity for manufacturers. Based on Spire’s research data, there are approximately 918 million smartphone users around the globe. In Indonesia, the number of smartphone users has reached 18 million and growing. Vendors, both local and foreign, are starting to offer various products to address this issue, including a power bank that could double up as a reserve battery.

Rinaldi Sjarief, Vice President of Panasonic Global Indonesia, commented that there is tight competition in the power bank business in Indonesia. Many e-commerce websites are also contributing to sales by offering discounts on their websites.

Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy CEO of Spire Research and Consulting, opined that the demand for power banks will continue to grow, as long as the number of smartphone users continues to grow. Besides, power banks are versatile and can be used to prolong the battery lives of smartphones, feature phones, computer tablets, phablets and etc.

However, Bahar reminded that the “party” won’t last long for power bank vendors. Smartphone producers, slowly but surely, are starting to offer longer battery life.

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