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Personal Cloud on the rise in China

+ Official Coverage on US Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Blog

18 February 2015
US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

Personal Cloud on the rise in China

Personal Cloud in China is expected to generate USD2.65 billion in revenues by 2017, growing 30.7%, on average, in the coming five years. With many players vying for a share of this huge market, what strategies will succeed? Spire Research and Consulting shared its insights, published on the US Consumer Electronics Association’s blog.

With improved internet connectivity and increased usage of mobile phones, the personal Cloud is making headway in China’s consumer market. The factors driving this growth include the ever-rising demand for storage, seamless synchronization between multiple devices as well as demand for full-length HD videos, High-resolution images and collaborative projects.

Most of the major global personal Cloud platforms are not accessible in Mainland China. However, three players have emerged as leaders in this Chinese space – Alibaba Group, Tencent and Baidu. Tencent is most popular with over 300 million users; where Baidu has about 200 million users followed by Alibaba with 15 million users amassed by its recent acquisition of Kanbox.

Market players are rushing in to differentiate themselves by integrating special features along with customer services. For instance, Baidu Cloud offers lost device tracking for devices connected to their Cloud. The Alibaba Group has helped to connect online selling platforms to its cloud. Tencent continues to lead in terms of innovation – it introduced the concept of shareable bar codes enabling storage and sharing of information.

The Personal Cloud is set to grow in China, thanks to a vibrant marketplace of local firms.

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