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E-commerce on the rise in Indonesia

23 July 2013
Marketing Co Id – Research articles

E-commerce on the rise in Indonesia

With its fast-growing population of internet subscribers and smartphones users, many technology brands have set their sights on the Indonesian e-commerce market. Spire Research and Consulting shared its views on the outlook for e-commerce in Indonesia in a research article published in Marketing Co Id.

According to a study conducted by Spire, there would be approximately 35 million internet subscribers in Indonesia by the end of 2013. It is anticipated that users between 21 to 25 years of age would drive this increase in the subscriber base. More than half of this base would be women. At the same time, the rise of the middle-class is driving the sales of smart-phones, which facilitates e-commerce. For companies operating in Indonesia, especially those engaged in retail and services, outreach to consumers on-the-go is absolutely critical.

With Indonesian youth already being rather tech-savvy, marketers are luring this target segment through customized services focused on their needs; including affordable data packets and packet-bundling with smartphones.

The value of online shopping in Indonesia has shown steady growth in recent years, recording a total of USD 325 million worth of online transactions in 2012. It is no surprise that many companies are shifting their focus to online sales, either via their own sites or via third parties.

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