Indonesia to benefit from AEC 2015

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27 October 2014
Koran Sindo

Indonesia to benefit from AEC 2015

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) aims to achieve regional economic integration by creating a single-market economy for freer movement of investments, skilled labor, capital as well as goods and services. Countries that possess qualified business resources are sure to benefit from this move. Is Indonesia prepared to provide a qualified workforce? Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, shared his views on Indonesia’s Koran Sindo.

Indonesia – being one of the largest economies in the world – is set to become a major player in the region. However, the nation must gear up to face the upcoming regional integration for not only commodities and services but also manpower.

Bahar opined that although the Indonesian workforce – which totals 90 million people – is acknowledged in terms of knowledge and professionalism abroad – at home – they get only minimum wage. This is why Indonesians need to adopt a more professional outlook and learn from their foreign counterparts who are more in demand.

At the same time, Bahar remarked that ASEAN countries have seen success in the last decade post the implementation of ‘zero’ free trade. In addition, Indonesia has also done well in terms of regional integration – many doctors from abroad practice in Indonesia and Indonesian doctors practice abroad as well.

It remains to be seen if Indonesia will prepare itself by the year end to counter stiff competition from other ASEAN countries when AEC is established completely.

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