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Indians become Android-savvy

+ Official Coverage on CXOToday’s website

18 March 2014
CXOToday – IT Web Portal

Indians become Android-savvy

With a fast-growing population of internet subscribers and Android smartphone users, India is now seen as an Android country. Leading smartphone players in India have adopted Android, including local players such as Karbonn and Micromax, as well as Chinese players such as Huawei and ZTE. Saurabh Sharma, India Country Manager for Spire Research and Consulting, shared his views on the outlook for Android in CXOToday.

With 40 million smartphones in the country, 91% of India’s market share belongs to devices using Google’s mobile operating system, Android. Sharma commented that the rise of Android can be attributed to the accessibility of low-priced Android-based smartphones which come with an array of features, as well as the cheaper data plans for these phones offered by telco carriers. The availability of diverse Android-based applications has also swayed consumer preferences.

Sharma opined that smartphone marketers in India are planning to introduce additional value-added features to win over 200 million new potential smartphone users. It is expected that India and China will add over 400 million smartphone users by 2014!

As consumers become more tech-savvy by the day, both hardware and software vendors will have to maintain a frenetic pace of upgrades and innovation to defend and grow their market share.

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