Counterfeit goods – How to spot the not?

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August/September 2014

World Trademark Review, Issue 50

Counterfeit goods – How to spot the not?

In spite of improving standards of rule of law globally, counterfeits remain a multi-billion dollar business, one that is increasingly relying on online sales. Brand owners are challenged to put in place robust processes for anti-counterfeit detection, deterrence and prevention. Leon Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, shared his views on the countermeasures that brand owners can use to protect their brands.

Counterfeit products tend to come in two forms: deceptive counterfeits and non-deceptive counterfeits. Deceptive counterfeits are sold to unknowing customers. On the other hand, non-deceptive counterfeits are sold to customers who are aware of the product’s provenance and yet accept the product in exchange for a lower price tag or some other benefit. Different strategies are needed to deal with each.

Perera opined that the best way for brand owners to deal with counterfeit products was by pursuing a three-pronged approach – enforcement through legal action (for instance, raids to seize stocks of counterfeit goods), channel certification and audit programs, as well as consumer education campaigns. In executing anti-counterfeit programs, brand owners should not neglect the online sales arena, which is the fastest growing space for counterfeit penetration.

He also highlighted that it was also crucial to regularly measure counterfeit penetration in the market, so as to define a return-on-investment indicator for anti-counterfeit programs. Such an indicator was vital in enabling senior management to see the bottom-line impact of anti-counterfeit programs so as to commit to their sustained funding.

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