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Cloud customer experience management systems: the next big thing in Big Data

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20 November 2013
CiOL – Information Technology News

Cloud customer experience management systems: the next big thing in Big Data

Cloud Customer Experience Management (CEM) systems are on the rise in the battle to extract more impactful insights from Big Data. Saurabh Sharma, Country Manager, India of Spire Research and Consulting, shares his thoughts on how CEM can help businesses retain customers.

Speaking to one of India’s premier business technology community networks, CiOL.com, Sharma noted that more consumers are demanding quality products and services as well as good customer service. This has led to the emergence of CEM systems to gain insights on customers’ experience. Many organizations are also beginning to integrate such CEM systems into their communication strategies to retain customers.

Sharma observed that two approaches are being rapidly adopted. The top-down approach refers to conducting interactive surveys to analyze customers’ experience. This is usually done by companies that want to test the waters before an actual product or service launch. Meanwhile, a bottom-up approach provides automated customer insights through CEM tools, such as text or voice analytics.

The penetration rate of mobile services in the Indian market is relatively high, with almost one out of four people shopping through a mobile device by 2013; presenting marketers with another platform to tap on for CEM insights. With the large volume of data that would be generated through CEM, there is a need for reliable analytical tools to translate tinformation into insights. Facial analytics looks set to pip the competition in this arena.

Spire believes that with CEM taking off, we can expect even more big things from Big Data.

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