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Christmas celebrations delight e-retailers and CEOs in Indonesia

+ Official Coverage on Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia’s website

11 December 2014
Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia

Christmas celebrations delight e-retailers and CEOs in Indonesia

Christmas is a time for celebration and delivering joy through gifts. How do Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) celebrate Christmas and how do the holidays affect e-retailers sales? Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, shared his insights in Bloomberg Businessweek Indonesia.

Whether it is a family affair, attending Christmas mass or indulging in feasting, Christmas is celebrated across the globe. For CEOs in Indonesia, Christmas always brings joy. As Bahar pointed out, the festive season is synonymous with family time. His family indulges in the age-old tradition of Secret Santa where each family member receives a secret gift.

At the same time, Indonesian CEOs celebrate Christmas in many ways. These include attending Christmas mass, hosting dinner receptions for extended family members as well as employees, exchanging gifts and installing Christmas icons for décor at home.

On the other hand, the festive season gives e-retailers a reason to smile. According to a survey of approximately 6,000 respondents, the average customer purchased 5 products at an average price of IDR420,000 over the Christmas period – equivalent to approximately USD33.

Needless to say, most online transactions were executed using smartphones – a fact that demonstrates how sophisticated Indonesia’s middle-class has become and how much further growth potential exists, given Indonesia’s high smart-phone penetration.

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