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China’s measured reaction to US trade tariffs

2 – 8 April 2018
China Daily – Asia Weekly

China’s measured reaction to US trade tariffs

The recent US trade tariff announcement will impact Chinese imports worth USD60 billion. Will China’s reaction and the prospect of continuing tit-for-tat tariff hikes cause more panic across global markets? Leon Perera, CEO of Spire Research and Consulting, shared his thoughts in China Daily – Asia Weekly.

As the US Treasury explores restrictions on Chinese investment in the country, the value of stocks plunged across Asian markets. Industries that might come under more scrutiny for possible higher trade tariffs include maritime equipment, new materials, automated machine robotics and tools along with new advanced information technology and high-tech shipping to name a few.

Voicing concern, Perera pointed out that China’s focus will still be on minimizing an escalation of mutual tariff hikes. China has hugely benefitted from global trade and FDI flows. However, China is clearly prepared to pursue retaliatory tariffs of its own for strategic reasons – it has announced tariff hikes worth USD3 billion on 128 US products.

China further plans to liberalize foreign investment rules and tighten Intellectual Property protection in an effort to deescalate the threat of a trade war which neither the US administration nor China really want.

Although a full-blown trade war is unlikely, the possibility cannot be discounted to zero.

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