Asia’s embrace of 3D Printing

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12 July 2014
The 3D Printing Association

Asia’s embrace of 3D Printing

Japan and China are emerging as the leading Asian countries for 3D printing adoption, thanks to government initiatives and rapid growth in industrial demand. Can these countries outstrip the West in integrating 3D printing into supply chains? In an article inspired by the SpirE-Journal, Spire shared its views on the challenges and opportunities in Asia’s 3D printing industry.

In comparison to the 3D printing market in Europe and the US, Asia’s growth is sluggish. However, the Asia-Pacific region – especially Japan and China- is now 3D printing-ready, thanks to its extensive industrial base, government funding and a supportive research and development (R&D) eco-system.

The Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry (METI) has set aside USD44 million in the 2014 budget to support R&D initiatives for metal products manufacture through 3D printing. This demonstrates its seriousness in promoting Japanese leadership in 3D printing.

On the other hand, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology provided USD32 million worth of funds to 10 research centers to promote 3D printing in 2012. The formation of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance in December 2013 demonstrated China’s commitment to this sector.

3D printing still faces challenges, however. Legal issues could emerge because current copyright laws – which apply to 3D designs and software – are yet to be defined. 3D printing object designs are very susceptible to counterfeiting. Moreover, there is concern in some quarters that 3D printing may result in job losses across industries – particularly in the prototyping industry.

3D printing is undoubtedly heralding a new era in the history of manufacturing. But Asian countries still have some way to go in grasping this opportunity and avoiding being left in the dust by the US and Europe.

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