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Marketing with PT Spire Indonesia

Radio PAS FM, Jakarta
25 November 2008

Marketing with PT Spire Indonesia


Radio PAS FM, Jakarta interviewed the ASEAN Director of PT Spire Indonesia, Jeffrey Bahar, and Managers Agus Hartono Wijaya and Ernawati, on market research and Spire’s company profile. Radio PAS FM is one of the two most prominent business radio channels in Jakarta.

Spire has been established in Indonesia since 2003 and focuses on market entry and growth strategies to provide clients with comprehensive studies for a holistic research and consulting solution. Client industries range from telecommunications to automotives, banking and government.

Questions brought up by listeners included:

• What is Spire’s recruitment process like?
• Which industries usually require Spire’s services?
• What kinds of studies is Spire exposed to?
• How does Spire engage with clients?

Preferred employees include locals and people with a good understanding of the Asian market. Spire emphasizes the importance of a diverse workforce to enhance existing knowledge.

Spire works with companies that require market research and provides breakthrough solutions in business-to-business (B2B) and consumer research and consulting services that include market entry and growth feasibility, competitor intelligence, and business partner evaluation, among others.

Long-term relationships are the cornerstone of Spire’s business and Spire strives to build bonds with each client. “Quality Speed Relationship” is instilled in Spire’s customer relationship management program: Spire aims to provide quality work by executing multi-layer checks, team rotation and extensive training, running at a fast speed and responding promptly, as well as a “boutique” concept that is flexible and tailored to each client’s unique needs.

“We would like to be the leader in every industry we have engagements in. We are confident of reaching this goal by providing good value, outstanding performance and an impeccably professional level service,” said Jeffrey Bahar.

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