Spire's six most recent events.

Hanoi 2020 Conference: Vietnam is a safe and attractive destination fo...
GATES SUMMIT 2020 explored how ICT channels can transform to stay rele...
SPIRE Deputy CEO & Head of Operations at GATES VIRTUAL CHANNEL SU...
Spire speaks about post-Covid consumer technology trends in Southeast ...
LIVE WEBINAR – Wed June 10, 2020 at 2.30pm SST
Spire speaks on outlook for Southeast Asia post Covid-19

The Conference Board’s Global Marketing and Communications Conference

Mr Leon Perera, Spire’s Chief Executive Officer, shared thoughts on successful strategies to crack the China market, based on past research experience and practice. The address gives an overview of the population, cultural and political landscapes, as well as the uniqueness in China consumers’ demand and consumption gaps so as to understand the various marketing opportunities and go-to-market challenges in China.

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