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Spire talks about ASEAN B2B marketing best practices in Tokyo

21 June 2019

Spire talks about ASEAN B2B marketing best practices in Tokyo

Spire participated in a seminar organized on Go-to-market best practices in the B2B space in Asia. The event was held on 21st June in Tokyo, Japan. Leon Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting group, shared insights on ASEAN marketing trends with reference to case studies of Japanese and non-Japanese companies.

Leon shared that different strategies are needed for different ASEAN markets as they are at different stages of development. There is also a growing disparity amongst large cities and between urban and rural areas. This fact makes in-country research and even city-level research essential for success in the region.

Japanese companies should take advantage of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area). It would be beneficial to have several hubs across ASEAN for different types of activity instead of centralizing all regional functions in one country. For example, regional finance/treasury and logistics activity could be based in Singapore while high-end automotive production could be located in Thailand.

Leon shared a few case studies of success that illustrated the key role of primary market research, finding the right strategy partners and devolving decision-making authority to regional and country-level leaders.

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