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Spire speaks on Omni-channel strategies for Indonesian retailers

22 August 2019

Spire speaks on Omni-channel strategies for Indonesian retailers

Spire was honored to participate in the Samsung Top Achiever Retailer (STAR) event held on 22 August, in Jakarta. Albertus Edy Rianto, Senior Manager, Spire Indonesia, shared his insights on the significance of Omni – channel strategies for mobile phone retailers.

Albertus discussed offline-to-online strategy, where multiple channels merge to help target customers across various channel platforms.

He elaborated that more than 80% of Indonesian mobile phone retail sales in 2020 will still occur at physical outlets. However, 71% of Indonesians browse online for a while prior to shopping at a physical store.

Factors that influence customers include better delivery conditions, storefront apps for better sales and even packaging.

As customers become more tech-savvy and demanding, more consideration will be given to innovative payment processes and browsing more than one channel to make a purchase.

As far as online purchases are concerned, 25% of customers still feel that the inability to touch and try a product in advance is a deterrent while 18% do not want to pay shipping cost.

Retailers still use both platforms to generate sales. For example, Adidas sells offline products through their website. Nonetheless, an Omni-channel strategy has the potential to unlock higher average transaction spend and increased profits from repeat customers.

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