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3 May 2017

Spire speaks on e-shopping prospects in Indonesia

As more users explore e-shopping and e-payment options, retailers are transforming the online e-shopping experience in Indonesia. Jeffrey Bahar, Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Spire Research and Consulting group, was honored to be a guest speaker at GATES Indonesia ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2017 on e-commerce opportunities in Indonesia.

In his presentation, Bahar shared his insights on the growth of modern retail turnover in Indonesia, focusing on consumer trends and the e-payment eco-system.

Bahar mentioned that the growth of modern retail for 2017 was 10%, contributing 5.4% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With 88.1 million internet users in 2016 (34% of Indonesia’s population), the number of Indonesian online shoppers grew from 7.4 million in 2015 to 8.7 million in 2016.

Methods used to pay for on-demand services in 2016 were cash (69%), e-money via applications (28%) and credit cards (12.46%).

Bahar’s presentation deck on “E-commerce in Indonesia” can be found here.

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