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Private Security Industry advances into the future

Spire speaks on Cloud computing and IoT at the GATES Indonesia ICT Channel Summit at Bali

18 – 20 June

Spire speaks on Cloud computing and IoT at the GATES Indonesia ICT Channel Summit at Bali

Spire was honored to participate in the GATES Indonesia ICT Channel Summit, 2019 as Research Partner. The Summit was held on 18-20 June, in Bali. Albertus Edy Rianto, Senior Manager and Astri Welmien Tompodung, Senior Consultant, Spire Indonesia, shared their insights on the rise of Cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT) in Indonesia’s business landscape.

The speakers discussed how, through the continued technological advancement, ICT is becoming a general purpose technology much like a utility. As a result, industry life cycles may become shorter going forward.

In the era of cloud 2.0, companies would be the primary users of cloud. By 2025, 85 per cent of enterprise applications will be on cloud. Core enterprise applications, IoT and Artificial intelligence (AI), will be the major drivers for customers migrating to the public cloud in cloud 2.0.

Local providers would provide LaaS (logging as a service) to users with pay as you go, on demand and customized plans.

More than 50 per cent of consumers in Indonesia devote a considerable part of their discretionary expenditure on communication devices, such as phones.

IoT is an emerging industry in Indonesia, with little competition. Certainty of regulation will encourage investment in this industry.

IoT device revenues are expected to hit USD 14 billion in 2019 and USD 25 billion in 2021 globally.

High costs, security problems, lack of human resources and complicated legacy system are some of the challenges that the IoT sector is facing in Indonesia.

Albertus Edy Rianto’s presentation deck on “Cloud computing business landscape” can be found here.

Astri Welmien Tompodung’s presentation deck on “Internet of things” can be found here.

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