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Spire speaks at the South East Asia Automotive Summit 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia

26 – 27 June 2013
Spire speaks at the South East Asia Automotive Summit 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jeffrey Bahar Spire SEA Auto Summit 2013

South East Asia is one of the bright spots in the global automotive industry. The three largest auto manufacturing countries (Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand) registered near-record production in 2012. Recognizing the potential of the thriving automotive industry, the South East Asia Automotive Summit 2013 gathered industry leaders and government officials to discuss the industry’s current needs and outlook.

Mr Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, was honored to be invited as a guest speaker. In his presentation, Bahar spoke about trends in the fast-evolving automotive industry in Indonesia. He highlighted how a new segment had emerged in Indonesia: eco-friendly cars.

Bahar opined that automotive brands need to do a balancing act to cater to mass-market demand while at the same time ensure sufficient presence to stay in the competition in each price bracket. He remarked that manufacturers would be able to increase their sales by offering more models to the mass-market. In conclusion, Bahar commented that Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar were the other emerging export markets that automotive manufacturers should consider.

Bahar’s presentation deck , “SpireThoughts on SEA Automotive Sector Outlook 2015” can be found here.

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