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Spire Singapore joins AmCham Corporate Community Day for fifth consecutive year

13 October 2012

Spire Singapore joins AmCham Corporate Community Day for fifth consecutive year

Spire Singapore collaborated with the Singapore Children’s Society for the second consecutive year to reach out to beneficiaries in need, in conjunction with AmCham Corporate Community Day 2012. Spire is proud to be involved in this meaningful activity in support of corporate volunteerism for the fifth consecutive year.

Held at the Singapore Children’s Society premises, Spire Singapore spent a meaningful morning with the children, guiding them as they took part in a terrarium building activity. The terrarium can be used to illustrate how an ecosystem works, as many different natural processes, such as photosynthesis, respiration, and the water cycle may be observed. We hope that through the lesson of the constantly recycled water in the terrarium, the children will be inspired and get to understand the interconnectedness of every individual in a community and the eco-system.

We were honored to have Patrick Santillo, Senior Commercial Officer at the US Embassy, visit the event. He had an enjoyable time interacting with Spire’s volunteers, Singapore Children’s Society staff as well as the families.

At the end of the event, all the children at the activity attended some interesting lessons about science and ecology, and got to bring home the self-sustaining terrarium they built. It was a happy and fun day for all, and Spire’s volunteers enjoyed themselves as much as the children.

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