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Spire Seminar: Cloud Computing – Peer into the thoughts of your customers

14 November 2013
Spire Seminar: Cloud Computing – Peer into the thoughts of your customers

Cloud computing is already an established buzzword in the ICT space. With the advent of the cloud, businesses need not be bogged down by high set-up as well as maintenance costs, and can simply sign up for online facilities and pay as they go.

Spire Research and Consulting believes that cloud computing is more than just distributed computing over a network. In his opening address at the seminar held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting, gave a broad overview of Malaysia’s cloud readiness and talked about how businesses have enjoyed higher levels of security with less spending as a direct result.

Keynote speaker Yap Far Loon, Business Development Director, Telecommunications of Spire Research and Consulting, highlighted that it is vital for cloud computing service providers to keep asking themselves: “What else can we make the cloud do?”, as businesses are presented with a dynamic environment where end-users’ needs and wants are ever-changing.

Yap also shared his insights on how businesses can leverage on cloud computing to gather insights on their customers. Through careful analysis, businesses would be able to understand the behavior of their customers, and adapt their marketing as well as business strategies to better reach out to their customers accordingly. Businesses can also identify the underlying business opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked.

The session concluded with a highly interactive panel discussion, where the participants raised questions from the floor and interacted with the panel of speakers.

The presentation deck on “Cloud Computing – Peer into the thoughts of your customers” can be found here.

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