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Private Security Industry advances into the future

Spire discusses e-commerce strategies suited to the Indonesia market

1-3 May 2018

Spire discusses e-commerce strategies suited to the Indonesia market

Spire was honoured to participate at the GATES Indonesia ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2018. The Summit was held on 1-3 May, 2018 in Bali. Jeffrey Bahar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Spire Research and Consulting group and Indah Muliana, Senior Manager, shared insights on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in Indonesia, focusing on market trends and challenges.

Bahar and Muliana discussed the growth of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) market, its rapid expansion and the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses in Indonesia.

Due to the rise in internet penetration with more online transactions, Indonesia’s ICT spending is expected to reach USD28.4 billion by 2020 whereas end-user device spending is set to increase 18% by 2020.

As Indonesia’s internet user population reaches 143.26 million in 2017, 90% are using smartphones and close to 65% people prefer the Cash on Delivery (COD) option when buying products online.

However, challenges remain for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) struggling to capture the online market through appropriate channel partners.

Bahar and Muliana focused on a 4-point e-commerce strategy known as AADC (Acquisition, Affiliation, Diversification and Collaboration) to address issues such as improving workforce productivity, lowering operational costs, increasing business growth and managing uncertainty.

Bahar and Muliana discussed multiservice bundling, out of the box solutions and loyalty programs for customers. One example that was discussed was drones developed by SNC Technology to create fleet monitoring and capturing solutions to target forestry and plantations.

Jeffrey Bahar and Indah Muliana’s presentation deck on “GATES Indonesia ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2018” can be found here.

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