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Spire discusses e-commerce strategies suited to the Indian market

4-6 September 2018

Spire discusses e-commerce strategies suited to the Indian market

Spire was honoured to participate at the GATES India ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2018. The Summit was held on 4-6 September, 2018 in Kolkata. Vinita Nath, Senior Analyst at Spire India, shared her insights on booming e-commerce industry in India, focusing on market trends and growth strategies.

Nath discussed the growth of the digital market, its rapid expansion and e-commerce platforms available for Small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

India has the second highest number of active internet users in the world, at 390 million. Its Business-to-Business (B2B) market is expected to reach USD700 billion by 2020.

For better sales outreach, SMBs should explore business listings or social media platforms provided by well-known brands such as Amazon Business, Whatsapp Business, Facebook Business and even Instagram with various advertising options available.

Nath mentioned that multichannel selling enables businesses to connect with a network of many e-commerce portals. For instance, Blubox, one of the leading e-commerce service providers in India, allows a seller to connect to over 30 e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart to name a few.

Therefore, it remains crucial for SMBs to create a presence on multiple e-commerce and social media platforms to drive sales. Business owners need to start building upon content and marketing strategies from a mobile-perspective.

Vinita Nath’s presentation deck on “E-commerce strategies suited for Indian Market for Resellers” can be found here.

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