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Private Security Industry advances into the future

Private Security Industry advances into the future

7 January 2021

Private Security Industry advances into the future

The latest Spire live webinar looks at how the private security industry evolved and the trends and opportunities brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic. Private Security Industry – Evolution and Covid-Impact, will be held on Thursday 28 January @2pm SST.

Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns across the world caused a spike in the demand of private security services. In addition to needing more security manpower, the role has also expanded to include screening of visitors and implementing safe distance measures. Once considered low-skilled with mundane low-level tasks, the pandemic turned it into an ‘essential service’ and hastened the adoption of digital solution.

Spire’s Consultant, Imran Mohd, will provide an overview of the industry and share findings of a recent Spire survey. Ian Stewart, CEO of Security Risk, will talk about the importance of digital solutions to bring the industry forward.

Find out more about the industry’s market drivers and trends.Register for the webinar TODAY!

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