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Live Webinar 28 July@2.30pm SST: Why should foreign businesses and investors consider Vietnam in the post-Covid era?

27 July 2020

Spire puts together a powerful webinar on Vietnam for foreign investors

Spire’s CEO, Leon Perera, will chair a team of panellists to discuss how best to sell and invest in Vietnam.

Together with Eiji Asano, Director of Yamada Consulting Group Vietnam, Ha Dang, CEO of Weatwork.co, and Nguyen Khanh Chi, Spire’s Senior Manager on the ground in Vietnam, the panel will discuss the broad economic landscape of Vietnam, relate real business case studies during and post-Covid, and discuss the best strategies for foreign investors to use when entering the Vietnam market.

Join us at our webinar to find out how foreign businesses and investors should navigate Vietnam in the post-Covid era. Live Webinar: July 28, 2020 @2.30pm SGT.

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