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Korea-Australia E-Commerce Partnership

May 2007

Spire Research and Consulting is proud to be providing market intelligence and consulting services to Korea Post and Australia Post to support the successful launch of their internet shopping mall. Australia Post, Korea Post and Austrade invited Spire Korea’s Managing Director, Dr Justin Lee, to the official launch of Ozmall, with special guest Dr Hun Gil Sun, Chairman of Kovix, Korea Post’s catalogue and internet sales division, in Sydney on 27 April and in Melbourne on 1 May.

With the new partnership rolled out between Australia Post and Korea Post, Australian residents can buy Korean products directly from producers, and viceversa, via a special online shopping mall.

Korea Post expects this partnership to help revitalize the local farming and fishing industries in addition to providing high-quality yet inexpensive Korean products to Australian citizens as well as the Korean expatriate community living in Australia. Australia Post views this collaboration as a great opportunity to increase its resources and energy relationships with the Korea market. 

The support of Korea Post distinguishes the Ozmall site in Korea’s expanding online shopping market.Online sales in Korea rose from A$14.5 billion in 2005 to A$17.5 billion in 2006. Korean consumers are sophisticated, internet savvy and have confidence purchasing over the net. In its trial phase over the past three months, Ozmall has generated significant sales with limited marketing.

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