Masking up — Still big business in a post-Covid era

6 February 2021

Masking up — Still big business in a post-Covid era

In TechnoBusiness, Spire consultant Putri Intan shares insights on how Indonesian mask manufacturers can ride on the upward trend in demand for face masks, as well as how companies can differentiate themselves to out compete the market.

Despite the demand for up to 8 million pieces of N95 masks per month, Indonesia’s domestic production of these masks stands at below 500,000 pieces per month, and as of February 2021, contributed to just 6.25% of total demand.

While this demand vacuum appears to provide an excellent opportunity for manufacturers, a few challenges continue to hinder the ability of producers to mass produce masks. First, Indonesia faces a shortage in its access to meltblown filter fleece, and second, manufacturers face rife competition from imported products.

Research conducted by Spire finds that mask licensing, comfort, and branding are key factors that influence consumer decision in mask purchasing. Given that masks serve as the first-line of defence against the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, consumers look out for masks that are licensed by Indonesian authorities, as a testament of their quality. Consumers also consider comfort of mask wearing to be a key factor, with common complaints of earloop discomfort as well as skin irritation.

Spire research finds that the trend of mask wearing in Indonesia will continue for as long as Covid-19 remains a reality. It seems, after all, that the habit of mask wearing is here to stay.

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