Market Strategies for CFU Enterprise

12 December 2022

Spire shared B2B ICT development and competition trends at an internal telecommunications event, discussed winning market strategies with the participants.

Indonesia’s largest telecommunication and network provider invited Spire to its recent Leaders’ Coordination Meeting on Customer Facing Unit (CFU) Enterprise. About 200 senior leaders attended the event on 12 December 2022 to learn more about new work programmes and business development plan.

Spire Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Bahar, shared with the audience latest trends in business-to-business (B2B) information and communications technology (ICT) adoption and digital implementation. Jeffrey revealed strategies used to penetrate the B2B market in Indonesia. He highlighted potential impact and threats as well as key players and issues to be anticipated in each service portfolio. Such information would be useful to the senior leaders as they plan their key B2B strategies in 2023.

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