The Burst of Cloud Kitchens in Malaysia

25 November 2021

Jeffery Bahar, COO of Spire Group, joined a panel of experts to discuss the growing opportunities of Cloud Kitchens in Malaysia at a recent webinar.  


Organised by the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) and the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPA), the webinar looked at the growth potential of cloud kitchens in Malaysia and the business opportunities it created for the food industry.

Cloud Kitchen is a commercial kitchen space that provides food businesses with the facilities and services needed to prepare menu items for delivery and takeout. The global valuation of the cloud kitchen market hit US$ 43.1 billion in 2019. It is projected to grow at 12% a year between 2021 and 2027 to reach US$ 71.4 billion.

With a rich experience in business strategy, Spire’s Chief Operating Officer Jeffery Bahar shared his views on the development of cloud kitchens in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. The Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced cloud kitchens’ popularity due to the surge in online food order and delivery. Jeffrey also discussed the approach of creating multiple mini kitchens instead of one central kitchen and the longevity of cloud kitchens.

You can watch the full webinar here.

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