Case study: Water Filters Market – Market & Customer Insight Study for Water Filters in Malaysia

The challenge

A global home products corporation sought to venture into the counter top water filters market in Malaysia.

The objectives of the study were to:

Obtain a clear understanding on the market potential of the counter top water filters market
Evaluate pricing structure, promotional strategies to market and operational factor considerations
The process

Spire conducted in-depth interviews with competitors in the counter top water filter industry in Malaysia and held focus group discussions with users and non-Users of water filters.




The results

The client launched the product in using Spire’s suggested price range and had received good response.

Project deliverables included a report that addressed:

Market Potential

Definition (product types and brands Available)

Competitive landscape

Market sizing by volume and value

Typical volumes by product types, price bandwidth and brands

Pricing Structure

Pricing database

Pricing bandwidth

Pricing mapping and analysis

Pricing recommendations

Promotional strategies, techniques and recommendations
Customer insight study

Purchase drivers

Purchase process

Product preference

Customer feedback and willingness to pay