Case study: Surge Protection Devices – Holistic Market Environment Research in 8 Asia-Pacific Countries

The challenge

A global Fortune 500 manufacturer of electrical and electronics products sought to develop business plans for new markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The objectives of the study were to:

Gain an understanding of the size and potential of each country markets, as well as the market dynamics in terms of regulations, customer segments, channels and competitors
Make recommendations to generate substantial growth in each market

The process
Spire conducted interviews with electrical and electronics trade associations, as well as regulatory bodies. Besides interviewing the top three competitors in each market to extract current sales data, forecasts and opinions about the market, interviews were also held with value chain players (e.g. electrical system integrators, distributors and retailers), as well as large customers in each customer segment.

A detailed analysis of legal, regulatory and macro-environmental issues using secondary data sources were carried out as well.

The results

Our client used Spire’s report to develop business plans and sales targets for each country market. Spire was also involved in the initial brainstorming with the client’s local offices in three country markets as these business plans were being drawn up.

Project deliverables included a report addressing:

Market size, forecasted market growth, breakdown of volumes sold by customer segments and channel categories
Company profiles and strategies of the top three competitors in each market
Recommendations for market positioning, channels, and target customers in each market
Recommendations on country and segment prioritization