Case study: Supply Chain Process Management (SCPM) Software – SCPM Software Market Entry Study in Thailand and Singapore

The challenge

A leading Japanese ICT vendor planned to launch a holistic supply chain process management (SCPM) software application in Asia. It sought to understand potential customers’ attitudes and usage towards SCPM, beginning with Thailand and Singapore.

The objective of the study was to determine the market potential in Thailand and Singapore for two types of enterprise supply chain management software applications.

The process

Spire undertook secondary research to understand existing vendors and installed customers for SCPM.

Prior to implementing interviews, our consultants held extensive briefing sessions with our specialist interviewers on technical facts relevant to the SCM software category. The briefing sessions would maximize the quality of the fieldwork. 

Interviews were held with software vendors, leading systems integrators and channels. We also interviewed managers in large organizations who were responsible for purchase decision recommendations for SCM software in key verticals such as automotive, IT manufacturing, life sciences and consumer products.

The results
Our client chose to launch the software product first in Singapore, based on Spire’s recommendations.

Project deliverables included:

A face-to-face presentation

A holistic report covering:

Market overview

Market sizing and forecast for SCPM software in Thailand and Singapore

Competitive landscape analysis

Customer decision dynamics

Recommended go-to-market strategy