Case study: Silicone sealants – Holistic Market Environment Research in Vietnam

The challenge

A leading global manufacturer of construction chemicals wanted to understand current and future market opportunities in Vietnam so as to formulate a business expansion strategy. 

The objectives of the study were to:

Estimate the size and potential of the silicone sealant market in Vietnam
Define the optimal path to market and customer segments
Map the competitive landscape
Profile three major competitors
Recommend business expansion strategy
The process

Spire began with secondary research using Vietnamese language sources to grasp macroenvironmental issues and industry-specific trends for the silicone sealants market. This was followed by conducting in-depth interviews with prominent importers/manufacturers, distributors and fabricators to define market conditions and purchasing patterns in detail. Interviews with decision influencers (main contractors and architects) were also carried out.

The results

Our client used Spire’s findings to develop a market expansion strategy to gain competitive leadership in Vietnam.

Project deliverables included:

Path to market analysis aimed at identifying the key decision makers for sealant purchase
Strategy to cultivate relationships with these organizations
Competitor profiling
Recommendations for threat response