Case study: Signage media – Strategic Research in Southeast Asia

The challenge

A Fortune 500 chemical producer aimed to expand its outdoor signage media business to the burgeoning ASEAN markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

The objectives of the study were to provide an overview of the outdoor signage media business in the five countries and assist our client in securing reliable distributors in each market.

The process

Spire began the study with secondary research on macro-environmental conditions, followed by interviews with trade associations and government bodies to derive initial hypotheses about the market. We also conducted interviews with material distributors and wholesalers supplying to factories producing printed and/or unprinted material for outdoor signage, billboards and posters.

The results

Spire identified reliable distributors in the ASEAN market and facilitated meetings with our client, who then held internal
discussions to decide its chosen distributors. Sales to these distributors began shortly thereafter, via export from Korea and China.

Project deliverables included:

Market sizing and forecasts for the signage media business in ASEAN;
Breakdowns of key application segments for signage and their demand characteristics, pricing, competitor shares, competitor strategies, legal/regulatory issues (compliance, import duties), value-chain analysis (distribution structure, mark-ups and channel-principal relationships); and
Analysis of competitive success factors and recommendations for marketing and sales strategies.