Case study: Security fixtures – Customer and distributor research in six Asia-Pacific countries

The challenge

A leading global manufacturer in the hardware and home improvement industry planned to introduce a new security fixture product in the Asia-Pacific. It sought to understand both customer and channel attitudes and behaviors, so as to develop the optimal engagement strategy for both groups.

The objective of the study was to analyze six markets in the region to produce a comprehensive regional market entry strategy for our client.

The process
Spire conducted secondary research on macro-environmental conditions and industry trends pertaining to the security fixtures market in the relevant countries. In-depth interviews with end-customers and national/regional distributors, as well retail observations across the region were also carried out.

The results
Our client used Spire’s findings to evaluate the market potential in Asia-Pacific as a region as well as for the individual countries. In particular, our client used Spire’s report to gain an understanding of the differences between countries so as to determine priorities and strategy localization by country.

Project deliverables included:

Cross market comparisons of customer dynamics
Benchmarking of manufacturer support to local importers, distributor and customer receptiveness to our client’s proposed product
Conjoint analysis of pricing trade-offs for various key product feature