Case study: Retail Entry and Acquisition – Market Study of the Retail Industry

Market Study of the Retail Industry in Malaysia The challenge

A Middle-Eastern conglomerate specialized in retail, hospitality and mall management across 17 countries wanted to enter the Malaysian retail and hospitality market through either organic or acquisition growth.

The objectives of the study were to gain an understanding of

Malaysia’s demographics and private consumption market
Market size and growth potential of the retail sector
Profiles and performance of various retailers
Customers’ decision making process and criteria
Key success factors for foreign retailers in the Malaysia retail market
The process

Spire embarked on the study by first observing retail brands across six cities using secondary research and on-site observation, then conducting interviews with retailers and industry experts.

The results

The client successfully entered a new retail market via organic and acquisition growth, offering consumers a wider range of hospitality products and services.

Project deliverables included a report that addressed:

Malaysia’s macro-economic performance and demographics
Size and potential of the Malaysian retail industry
Profile of key retail cities and key retailers in Malaysia
Consumer purchasing patterns and dynamics