Case study: Raisins – Market Environment Research, Strategy Audit and Consulting in Asia

The challenge

A Western trade association of raisin producers had been losing market share to suppliers from low-cost export locations in Asia.

The objectives of the study were to:

Assess the position of our client in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in the context of the local raisin market
Assess the effectiveness of their current marketing strategies
Recommend a road-map for growing export sales in the region
The process

Spire conducted secondary research pertaining to the raisins market in ASEAN for hypothesis generation and to aid questionnaire design.

In-depth interviews were conducted with experts and trade customers, spanning importers, wholesalers, retailers, bakeries, confectionaries, food manufacturers and food-service providers. This was carried out in conjunction with retail observation at outlets selling raisins and raisin-containing products. On the basis of the research conducted, Spire then assessed the strategy and activities of the association’s appointed marketing consultant in Southeast Asia.


The results

Our client used Spire’s report to evaluate its level of investment and adjust marketing and promotion activities accordingly for each market.

Project deliverables included a report that included:

An analysis of salient features of the market landscape for the raisin trade, including prioritization of key vertical segments
Recommendations for trade and consumer marketing activities that would yield the best return on investment (ROI)