Case study: Pharmaceuticals – Demand Dynamics and Market Sizing Study – Southeast Asia

The challenge

A global pharmaceutical company that specialized in drugs for mental disorders, wanted to learn about the market demand for a particular group of drugs in five countries across Asia. It was also keen in gaining insights into the current treatment and prescription patterns for mental disorders that existed in these countries.

The objectives of the study were to conduct a study on the prescription patterns of different mental disorders and gather information on the opportunities that existed in the market. The study also set to obtain feedback from psychiatrists on the efficacy and impact of existing drugs, as well as identify unmet needs.

The process

Spire conducted interviews with licensed psychiatrists in the public and private sectors, who were currently treating patients with mental disorders. Analysis of secondary data were also obtained from health department websites of the respective countries, published reports and statistics.


The results
With Spire’s report, the client was able to better market and position their new drug in the respective countries.

Project deliverables included:

Country0specific reports addressing:

Current market size of pharmaceuticals

Typical consumption and prescription patterns of drugs for patients with mental disorders

Key competing drugs which exist in the market

Regional report addressing:

Comparison of prescription and treatment patterns across 5 countries

Comparison of market size of pharmaceuticals across 5 countries

Assessing country with the highest demand and receptivity towards new drugs