Case study: PC Channels – Consumer IT Retail Tracking Study in Asia-Pacific

The challenge

A leading Fortune 500 ICT vendor sought to maximize its effectiveness in selling through major final-tier consumer IT channels in Asia, so as to increase mind-share and volume sales.

The objective of the study was to measure the penetration of competitor brands versus our client’s own brand amongst final-tier channels in a specific category of consumer IT products. The study tracked brand performance in terms of shelf space, merchandising presence and quality as well as brand loyalty and selling skills of channel sales staff.

The process

Spire’s consultants executed retail observation and mystery shopping in 500 stores across several Asia-Pacific countries on a monthly basis. In a related stand-alone study, Spire applied a similar research program across 500 stores in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Wuhan.

The results
The findings of this study were regularly presented to our client’s senior managers in-country and at the regional level. They used Spire’s report to measure performance and improve various aspects of retail channel engagement, including channel incentive and training programs as well as programs for the development and replenishment of merchandizing materials.

Project deliverables included reports addressing:

Stock display
Merchandising materials display
Promoters’ presence
Sales competency