Case study: Outboard motor – Market entry study in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam

The challenge

A Japan-based Global Fortune 500 manufacturer sought to launch a new outboard motor engine product to replace crude multi-purpose engines adapted for use in unorganized fishing and passenger transport boats.

The objectives of the study was to develop market sizing, forecast, end-user purchasing evaluation, channel structure and competitor analysis (including products and pricing) for outboard motors.

The process
Spire conducted expert interviews with trade associations and government bodies, in-depth interviews with distributors/importers, intermediate, final-tier channels and manufacturers of outboard motors, as well as end-user interviews with fishing and passenger transport boat owners in sea and river port towns.

The results
Our client used Spire’s report to develop a business plan and allocate investment for a new product launch.

Project deliverables included:

Market size (historic and forecast) and population for outboard motors in the four said countries
Market breakdown by product category, customer segment and geographic region in each country
Competitor analysis:

Strategy, targeted segment and key selling points for each major competitor

Customer decision dynamics:

Profile, usage of engine, income and demographic characteristics, brand perception, purchase decision factors, price sensitivity

Macro-environmental assessment including import duties, environmental standards, quality and safety certification required, etc.
Recommendations for segment/geographic prioritization, product specs, pricing, marketing activities and distribution/go-to-market model