Case study: Organo-silanes – Partner Research in China

The challenge

A US-based chemical producer sought to reduce global production costs by outsourcing organo-silanes manufacturing to China, where business costs, such as labor and land were relatively low.

The objective of the study was to identify potential joint-venture or contract manufacturing partners for the production of organo-silanes in China.

The process

Spire conducted secondary research to determine appropriate experts and industry players. This was followed by interviews with experts to understand the broad organo-silanes industry landscape.

Our consultants then held interviews with downstream dealers and end-users to identify leading manufacturers of organo-silanes with the largest volume of production located in China. Direct interviews and plant visits were carried out with the top ten manufacturers to determine the companies’ capabilities and fit with our client.

The results

Our client used Spire’s research to make a decision on the outsourcing of its organo-silanes manufacturing in China.

Project deliverables included:

Profiles of the top ten organo-silanes producers in China
Recommendations of the top three candidates for our client to engage with as potential partners