Case study: Mobile Printing – Mobile Printing Market Evaluation in Singapore

The challenge

A Fortune 500 ICT vendor was jointly developing a technology platform with a mobile phone vendor that allowed wireless printing through mobile phones. The pilot was planned to be launched in Singapore.

The objective of the study was to evaluate the market potential for wireless direct printing from data-enabled phones and PDAs.

The process
Spire commenced the project with in-depth interviews with various mobile phone and PDA final-tier channels. Our consultants also held interviews with end-users of data-enabled phones or high-end PDAs, based on quotas by specific “employment profile” (e.g. frequent flyers), to gauge market receptiveness to the new product concept.

The results
Using Spire’s analysis, our client was able to formulate a marketing strategy for the Singapore pilot.

Project deliverables included:

An analysis of the responses of mobile printing end-users and channels on their awareness of the direct print function in these devices
Anticipated usage and tipping factors that could migrate them into the category of heavy users