Case study: Light-emitting Diode (LED) industry – Value Chain Analysis, Customer Decision-making Dynamics Analysis and Customer Database Formation for LED Street Lighting Market

The challenge

A Fortune 500 company specializing in the adhesive industry wanted to develop its adhesive business in the LED street light, LED bulb, LED tube and LED flexible tube industries in Taiwan and China.

The objective of the study were to:

Understand the LED street lighting market in Taiwan and China
Ascertain the value chain of LED street lights
Map the adhesive purchase decision-making process for LED street lights
Identify the key influencers and decision-makers for adhesive purchases
Develop a key customer database to enhance sales efforts
The process

Spire conducted face-to-face interviews with major LED street light system integrators, as well as phone interviews with major LED bulb/tube/flexible tube manufacturers in China and Taiwan. The research process was also supported by secondary research.

The results

Spire’s findings and recommendation enabled the client to further develop its footprint in the LED street light and LED bulb/ tube/ flexible tube industries.

Project deliverables included:

Value chain analysis
Map value chain for LED street lighting
Understand roles and relationships of all parties in the value chainIdentify who bids in LED street lighting projects
Understand the business model of system integrators who work only on overseas projects
Customer decision-making dynamics for adhesive purchase
Map decision-making process of adhesive purchases for LED street lights
Identify key influencers and decision makers
Assess key decision making criteria and importance rating for each
Analyze overall satisfaction level for each adhesive brand among current users and reasons for satisfaction/dissatisfaction
Potential customer database
Provide information per company such as key contact person, contact details and production volume